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Branding Research

A leading Brand transforms passive consumers into supporters. For this, it is necessary to study the whole essence of the company, its primary objectives, and its pristine image. Through a broad search, I shall consider the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats related to your company, and I will create a custom frame that will establish the Brand image to your target public.

Branding Strategy

After a thorough search of all characteristics of your company, your Brand takes shape through its Visual Identity. It covers Logo, Color Palette, Typology, Stationery Design and a Brand mood board. I offer a Package with all of these elements, plus a guide to orientation for effective communication with your target public.


Website Reviews

A functional website should contain several essential elements: Design, Usability, Interactivity, and be a support tool for marketing. I can analyze your website within all these concepts and deliver an individual and detailed report on each point to be improved. After such analysis, I will create all the improvement solutions. Sometimes a small change is just what your business needs to attract more customers, gaining client loyalty as well.

Website Development

My work here is the development of a complete and personalized website, with all the essential elements for the presentation of your business or professional profile. In conjunction with you, I create customized solutions to the performance of your services for your potential customers. I will develop the website on a robust platform that allows the insertion of new content in an agile and comfortable way.

Blog Development

I will develop a blog for you to present your ideas and create a specific product for your public. My work covers from the conception of the design to the structural organization of the content, creating the best way to present your ideas so the public will be excited to read what you’ve written about.

Flavia Barbieri

Flavia Barbieri

Web Marketing

Social Media

All Branding and Webdesign jobs culminate in a proper Marketing structure. Currently, the Social Media work is the best channel of direct communication with your target public. Through them, you can create a network of people whom are really interested in your or products, creating loyal customers in a genuine and personal way.  I work with Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads, two boosting platforms of extreme effectiveness for Web Marketing projects.

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