My Story

I always knew that I would work with creativity.

At the age of 5, I asked “Santa” for a typewriter. He granted my wish (a Remington 25), then I wrote my first novel: “The Adventures of Christopher”, about a secret agent, James Bond-style (Note:  I was five years old!).

My parents attended the “School of Fine Arts”, so I grew up loving colors, shapes and designs. During the several phases of my childhood, I was surrounded by art, music and inspiration For four years, I had lessons in theater, and I joined the school choir, a time which brings me incredible memories. 

In the midst of all this, I nourished an infinite passion for Advertising. It was something that charmed me! I was interested in the planning, photography, slogan, the brand itself!  I’m happy that I lived the pinnacle of the advertising age that changed the way society interacted with business; and went further, I established my professional maturity in the era of bi-directional communication, where the customer’s opinion is an integral part of a brand. 

Today, my joy is in living in an extremely emotional Advertising era, composed of sensible campaigns, equitable share, and by the certainty that a well-meaning advertising can change the world. 

How can I help you?

Flavia BarbieriI work with the concept of your Branto boost it and to target to its public.  I develop a visual identity and personality with which will represent the company.  After the Identity is complete, I work the presence of the brand on the web, with the help of a dynamic website and related publishing with the company Social Media.  Take a look here to see what we can create for your brand.

What makes my work different?

My work is handmade, and I treated all my clients like good friends. I’m entirely dedicated to all my projects because all brands are part of my great passion. My personal history allows me to detect the various creative possibilities and particularities of each work, strengthening the individuality of each brand with sensitivity, personality, and jollity.

The client look

“Working with Flavia is always very smooth, her sensitivity makes everything flow in a natural and practical way – She has the gift to capture our desires and transform them into art! The result is clearly seen in the acceptance we experience from our customers.”

Dr. Isabel de Figueiredo – Plastic Surgeon

“I had several ideas for my business and Flavia, with all the patience and fondness in the world, knew how to listen to me and understand what I wanted and what I needed. We exchanged thousand of emails with my requests, doubts and suggestions, and I was always promptly answered until we concluded my site. Everything was just the way I expected and with certainty I will continue working with her! ”

Juliana Simonassi – Mon Voyage

“I needed to create the logo of my company, but I had no idea what I wanted and nor where to start. I had already researched other companies, chatted and still stayed uncertain. It was still not what I wanted. I needed to feel a “snap” . 

And then Flavia appeared! … .  We talked a lot about the company, she understood my needs, gave me ideas that I could never imagined and what was the best, she received me with so much affection and confidence, that I knew I had to make this job with them.  Working with her is a mixture of joy, confidence and certainty that I made the best choice for my company. “

Mariana Sancia – Mari Poppins

“I had a need for customized cards for my office and contacted Flavia. And I was very impressed with the quality and depth of the work. Depth, because she did not simply make the cards I needed she sought to know all of my job goals to make everything exactly the way I wanted it. It is not just a printed paper, there is a whole study behind it! We were always swapping ideas in a very enriching way. And most important is that everything was fast, the deadlines were always met, and everything very organized! Clearly, done by someone who loves and understands what she is doing. I highly recommend Flavia to all who ask me about Marketing and Branding references, and I am hoping we have more projects together!”

Patrícia Duarte – LINEAH

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